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1. What are the different meals options / type?

You may wish to choose from a choice of Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian. Jain or Halal meals are on request basis and never guranteed. You need to advise our reservations team at the time of your booking of your preferred diet.

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2. What sort of food is served for lunch?

Our vegetarian lunches are usually served outdoors in a picnic style buffet atmosphere, and you can expect a varied daily menu in a buffet set up. It will be similar to dinner but lighter and without a non vegetarian dish.

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3. What sort of food is served for dinner?

On a typical day you can enjoy from many items such as two vegetarian curries, Indian Bread (roti/naan/puri), rice, Lentils (daal), Yogurt (raita), salad, pickle, papad & a sweet dish. There will also be an option for non vegetarian item (usually chicken, Egg or fish, - Pork and beef is never served)

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4. What is included in breakfast?

Our usual breakfast consists of cereals, juices, bread or croissants as well as tea or coffee (breakfast may vary from one hotel to another).

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5. What do you mean by a packed lunch?

Packed lunch will usually consist of a dry curry, and chapatti, a bottle of water and fruit or yogurt. We sometimes opt for a packed lunch to save time and allow more time for sightseeing.

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6. Do you provide snacks?

We do not provide snacks; you are welcome to carry your own snacks provided they are dry snacks permitted on the coach.

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7. Where will we be served the food?

Lunch will be picnic style on route, and dinners will be in the hotel or restaurant.

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8. Why do you not use restaurants?

For some of our tours we do use restaurants, however the caravan Kitchen enables us to offer fresh, high quality, classical delicacies, made from fresh local produce purchased daily from within each city that you stop in.

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9. Can you tell me more about a caravan kitchen?

We were the first tour operator, in the UK, to introduce a uniquely designed state of the art kitchen caravan system. This is where a caravan kitchen situated where you are travelling to prepares fresh food for the group

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10. What is an example Jain menu?

It will be the same as normal Indian meal but without onion and garlic. This is on request basis only.

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11. Can you cater for special diets?

Unfortunately due to operational reasons it is not possible to cater for special diets.

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12. Is the non-vegetarian food halal?

We try and ensure that we only use Halal meat although in some cases it is not possible to purchase Halal meat on the continent. Please check with your tour manager for confirmation.

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13. Do you provide food for children?

Our food is made so that it appeals to the vast majority and not too spicy hence children can enjoy the meals.

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14. Do you provide local meals or continental meals?

On some tours local meals are included.

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15. Will you provide water?

No water will need to be purchased from local shops, We recommend you carry bottled water with you; it is safe to drink water from most western European countries except for Italy.

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16. Do we check-in first and then go for dinner on Swiss express tour?

On a Swiss express tour you are recommended to carry your toothbrush and essential toiletries in your hand luggage as you will be stopping at services in the morning to freshen up, before commencing a day of sightseeing, and will not be checking into the hotel until the following evening. we will usually go for dinner before checking into our hotel.

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17. Why is there no caravan kitchen in the winter months?

Due to weather conditions it is not possible to provide caravan kitchen in the winter months, as the chance of bad weather for lunch stops is relatively high, where the caravan is not provided, you will enjoy delicious Indian meals at carefully selected Indian restaurants

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18. Will food be served on flights?

For short haul flights food is not served. For long haul flights you will be advised at the time of booking

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19. Can I request my diet on flights?

Yes you can and the same information will be passed to our agent when your flights are booked. However this request is not guaranteed and we advise you to reconfirm with your airline, using their online portal or call centre.

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20. How are the meals served, can I choose my meal?

All meals are served as a buffet, a choice of meal is not available and all meals are pre-set.

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21. Can I buy soft drinks, alcoholic drinks for the caravan kitchen or restaurants?

It may not always be available for purchase. Our restaurants maybe able to offer you drinks at a additional cost, which must be paid directly.

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22. We have a food allergy, can you help with this?

We cannot guarantee our food is allergen free. Hence we recommend you make your own arrangements should you suffer from any allergy. A price reduction will not be applicable as a result.

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