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1. Will I be able to let my family know I am staying on tour?

On the first day of your tour you may collect a list of details for the hotels you will be staying in, as reference. This will be useful if you separate from the group by mistake. You may email us to request one 5 days in prior to your tour.

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2. What facilities are there in the hotel?

All hotels used are a minimum of 3* category; that includes en-suite bathroom and generally TV, Telephone and basic toiletries. Some of the hotels also include bar and restaurant facilities and even a 24- hour reception service.

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3. Where are the hotels situated?

Majority of the hotels are situated outside the city. Hotels may not have facilities such as shops etc around the hotel.

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4. When is check-in and check-out time?

Check in is usually 15:00 onwards, Check out is by 09:00am.

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5. What is the Star Rating of the hotels?

3* or above.

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6. I have arrived at my hotel and do not like the area due to events, noise or proximity of facilities which create noise?

We carefully select all our hotels; however we or the hotel cannot take responsibility for any events off the Hotel premises. Even though you have paid us directly, unfortunately your contract would be with the hotel.

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7. How long do we stay in each Hotel?

This may vary from one night to several nights depending on your tour.

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8. Is there a lift in the Hotel?

The majority of our hotels do have a lift however some of the smaller hotels may not have a lift.

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9. Will I be charged for using any of the facilities in my hotel room?

If you use services such as the phone or mini bar, or pay TV whilst in your room, you will have to pay the hotel directly when you check out; these services are not included in your tour cost.

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10. Can you arrange pre and post tour accommodation and will airport transfers be included?

We are happy to arrange extra night's accommodation for you at the beginning and/or end of your tour. You will find the costs detailed under prices and departures. Please be aware that if you are travelling alone you will need to pay the single supplement for pre and post tour accommodation.

Transfers are not included for hotel bookings only.

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11. Will my second child have their own bed?

In most of the hotels we use, their will be accommodation for three people. If you have a second-child sharing in your room, we may be able to offer you a reduction. Please check with us to see if this is applicable to your group.

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12. I’ve arrived at the hotel and found it isn’t up to standard. Can I get an alternative or upgrade?

We will always supply a hotel of the category stated on our website and brochure. The hotels will always be of a similar standard to the hotel mentioned; we do not have to upgrade you to a hotel but ensure we provide a hotel with similar facility.

If on the other hand you are simply dissatisfied with your hotel then you will more than likely be charged to amend or upgrade your accommodation, a cost which will have to be bourne by yourslef.

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13. Will the hotels have AC facilities?

No not all hotels will have AC facilities, we recommed you carry a small portable fan during the summer periods.

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14. Will I have Wi-Fi in my room?

Wi-Fi is available in most of our hotels, however this may be chargeable in some Hotels, or may only be available in certain areas of the hotel. It is not guranteed you will have Wi-Fi in your rooms.

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15. Why do solo travellers so often have to pay more, what is the justification for single supplements?

Hotels have traditionally provided services on the basis of people travelling in pairs with a limited number of single rooms. Since hotels charge per room, not simply the number of people staying in them, solo travellers will proportionately pay higher prices, though many hotels will offer a discounted rate to solo travellers rather than charging them the full room rate.

Even when single rooms are available they are not generally half the size of a double and also will usually have en-suite facilities, so consequently hotels will not usually charge half the rate they would for a double.

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16. Why do most Switzerland, Austria and Germany hotels have 2 single beds pushed together to make a double bed?

You will find this is the case in most hotels in Switzerland, Austria & Germany. It is due to the flexibility it offers the hotel when offering rooms types (i.e. converting Twin to Double, and Double to Twin) hence you will find this is the norm in many hotels in Switzerland. This will be the case in all hotels Star Tours uses in Switzerland and Southern Germany.

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