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Pick Up Points


1. Which pick up points do you offer?

We have a wide range of pick up points around England. Please check on for a full list of pick up points.

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2. Why do you not have any central London pick-ups?

It is not feasible for us to offer central London pick-ups points . Due to traffic, & the extra time it would take us.

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3. Whom can I contact in case of an emergency on tour date as pick-up timings are very early?

We are unable to provide contact numbers for your tour manager prior to you joining the tour. We recommend you plan your journey in advance to ensure you are not delayed. For you can also contact our call centre on 0208 9002323 lines are opem 24/7.

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4. How do I change a pick-up point?

You need inform us by email 10 days prior to departure if you would like to change your pick up point. Within 10 days there will be a charge of £10.00 per person and it will be subject to availability.

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5. What will be the approximate pick-up and drop-off times for my tour?

Coach tours normally return back to London between 21:00 - 02:00am (+1 Days) on the last day. Outside drop offs will be between 12.00 - 05.00am this will dependant on factors such as channel crossing and local traffic.

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6. Do you have any parking around the pick-up points?

Unfortunately, we do not have dedicated parking for our clients at pick-up locations. There will be off street parking at many of the locations, however these may be subject to parking restrictions on specific days such as Event Day restrictions in the Wembley area.

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7. Can I join the tour in Europe or at the first hotel?

Yes this is possiable. You may join the group at the hotel on the first night, however we are not be able to offer reductions for sightseeing or meals missed on that day.

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8. Why can we not have two different pick-up points on same booking?

On many of our tours we will have more than two coaches, especially during peak season. All coaches will have specific pickups. Bookings having different pickup points cannot be guaranteed to be travelling by the same coach.

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9. What is my closest pick-up point?

Please view our map for your closest pick-up point.

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10. What time train should I book on the return?

Generally tour comes back to London between 21:00 - 02:00am (+1 Days). We recommend you book a train for the following day, and arrange acocmodation - as our return times are late.

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11. Are there hotels near the pick-up points?

We can only book a Wembley hotel which is within 10 minutes walking distance from our Wembley pickup point. Details for the same are available on our website. We will not be able to book a hotel near to any other pickup point but you can search online for details.

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12. Can you pick me up or drop me from somewhere else not listed?

No, unfortunately this will not be possible.

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13. Can I get off the coach on route?

We cannot stop the coach anywhere other than the selected pick-up points.

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14. Can you pick me up from home?

We do not do Home pick ups or drop offs.

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15. Why do you charge for children at the same rate?

Children will be given a separate seat, occupying same space as an adult.

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16. Will someone call me a few days prior departure?

You may on occassions get a call. You cannot make any changes on that final confirmation call or email. You will be asked to arrive at the pickup point as mentioned on your invoice, unless otherwise called and emailed different.

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17. When should I arrive at my choosen pick-up point?

Please ensure you arrive at your pick-up point at least 15mins prior to departure.

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18. How long will the transfer take from Wembley to my drop off point?

We try to make this as quick as possible, however due to logistics this can take upto 90 minutes on certain occassions.

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