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Tour Manager


1. What is the role of a Tour Manager?

Your tour manager will accompany you to the sights, and be there to answer any questions you may have, and provide advice and assistance. The tour managers are there to make things smoother, more interesting and ultimately more enjoyable

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2. Can we have the Tour Managers’ number?

We cannot provide the tour managers number to passengers. If there are any issues with your tour, we can call you on the number we have for you. The tour manager will provide passengers with their contact details for the duration of the tour on the first day. For flight tours, the passengers will receive these details via a tour confirmation within seven days of their departure.

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3. Is the Tour Manager knowledgeable within Europe?

Many of our tour managers have been in this field for 10 - 20 years,and as such have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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4. What language does the Tour Manager speak?

The tour manager and tour guides will conduct the tours in English Only.

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5. Who will be our Tour Manager?

We cannot confirm the tour manager prior to the tour. All our tour managers have extensive knowledge of Europe and many years of touring experience.

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6. Will the Tour Manager accompany the group everywhere?

The tour manager will accompany passengers to the main sights and provide information to passengers; however you will have some free time at the sights to explore on your own unaccompanied. Tour Managers will not be with the group inside excurssions.

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7. Where will I meet my tour manager for flight tours?

You will be informed where you will be meeting the tour manager 24 hours prior to departure. It will either be at the airport in the UK, or on the other side once your flight arrives.

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8. My Tour Manager and Driver is the same?

On many of our Tours, the driver is also qualified to be a Tour Manager. There can be instances on your tour that the driver of the coach is also your Tour Manager.

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