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Travelling with Child

1. Can I take my pushchair with me?

You may take your pushchair with you. Pushchairs can be kept in the baggage lockers of the coach, provided they are foldable. It is your responsibility if placed on the coach. We, our suppliers do not take responsiblity for any damager/loss occured. It may not be possible at some locations to access the pushchair.

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2. We were charged a Child rate but no tickets where given?

We price our tours based on occupancy of seats. A child fare does not mean they will be given a ticket at all excurssions or sights. The fare paid is compromised of the seat occupied and other factors but is in no way a guarantee the child will recieve a ticket, as some excurssions a child rate will start from 5/6 Years old.

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3. Do I have to carry a car seat?

Car seats are not provided on coaches but passengers travelling with children are required by law to carry a car seat on tour. Current legislation puts the responsibility to the passenger as it is not possible for us to carry the car seats required for every passenger.

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4. Is milk provided for children?

We are unable to provided milk children. Milk and baby food cannot be provided by the hotels or restaurants and passengers are advised to carry ready to drink milk whilst on tour. Not all hotels provide a kettle so if hot water is required for warming milk etc in the hotel then it is advisable to carry a bottle warmer / kettle.

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5. Is there entertainment provided on board?

Music and DVDs are played on long journeys. We recommend taking activities (e.g. crayons /pens/ travel games/cards) for children to keep them entertained during the long drives. DVDs carried by our Tour Managers will be for the enjoyment for the majority and cannot gurantee individual preferences. Parental Guidence is advised for all movies played by our Tour Managers.

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6. Do you have child friendly menus?

We do not have specific menus for children. Our food is made so that it appeals to the vast majority. We are unable to cater to less spicy or childrens meals.

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7. Will I be able to remain on the coach whilst with my child when the group goes on a sightseeing excursion?

When the group departs for sightseeing excursions, drivers will be on their allocated rest breaks and as a amatter of legislation & Policy clients may not remain on the coach during these times. There will be places such as cafes and shops where clients may be able to wait whilst the sightseeing takes place and the allocated time elapses.

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8. Can I take infant milk with me on the flight?

Baby milk or liquid baby food (the contents of each bottle or jar must be tasted by the accompanying passenger) may be brought on board as hand luggage. We advise to check with the airline concerned.

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9. Does my child need their own passport?

All children, including newborn babies must now have their own individual passport. The child's passport will initially be valid for 5 years, but can be renewed for a further 5 years at the end of this period. Once they reach their 16th birthday they then become eligible for a standard 10-year passport.

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10. Can I travel if I am pregnant?

Star Tours recommends that you check with your GP before making any travel arrangements with us. We cannot gurantee or confirm a seat type due to pregnancy.

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11. My child has food allergies?

We cannot guarantee our food is allergen free. Hence we recommend you make your own arrangements should you suffer from any allergy. A price reduction will not be applicable as a result.

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