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  1.  *For Dependant Spouse Travelling alone or applying Visa alone we need the passport & documents from employed spouse (Passport, Application form & Photographs from the applicant).

  2. For Self-Employed please see the Schengen Visa Document in Detail Section.

  3.  **Documents like Employers Ref.Letter, Payslips & Bank Statement are required from the employed parent & the original passports of both parents as well as the child if he/she is 0-17 Years old dependant child (If Travelling without parents).

  4. ***If the child is 18 or above travelling with EU parents than he will also need to provide a sponsor letter from his / her parents.

  5. If you are not travelling with Star Tours & just need standalone visa service than you will need to provide us the proof of fully paid Hotel accommodation, along with a fully paid proof of transportation service (i.e. bus, air, train) along with above mentioned documents.

  6. All clients must provide a fully paid invoice.


Switzerland (Suisse) Schengen Visa Documents Required




Please Note: The documents mentioned below should be original & NO fax or scanned documents will be accepted by the consulate. The processing time for the Switzerland (Suisse) visa is a minimum of 7 working days, excluding any consulate or public holidays synonymous with Switzerland. Some nationalities may take 15 working days or more, excluding any consulate or public holidays synonymous with Switzerland, the duration taken is at the discretion of the embassy.


PASSPORT: Passport should be valid for at least 3 months after the trip end date. Make sure your passport has two or more completely blank and unmarked visa pages. Make sure your passport has not damaged i.e. food stains, water damage, etc.


PASSPORT ISSUE DATE: Your passport should be issued less than 10 years ago from your date of application for Schengen Visa even if the passport is still valid at the time you submit your visa application, Consulate will still ask to renew your passport from the authorities or the Embassy of your country of origin before being able to apply for a Schengen visa as none of the Schengen consulates will accept the passports which are issued more than 10 years ago. 


UK VISA VALIDITY: If your UK work visa or Student visa issued only for 6 months than your schengen visa cannot be applied from UK as per the schengen consulate rule, Minimum 3 months of UK Visa validity after completion of the tour is mandatory, Schengen visa can not be issued within last 3 months of your valid UK visa. If your UK Visa is not stamped on your passport, then we will require the original UK Visa BRP (British Resident Permit) Card.


APPLICATION FORM: One application per applicant must be filled out; this must be printed on two seperate sheets, and not on a back to back print. IMPORTANT: Visa application form should be duly completed and signed by the applicant in both places provided (field 37 AND in the signature box at the bottom of the fourth page). Any technical or difficult questions should be left empty - we will complete this. For minors (under 18) it is mandatory for both parents to sign the application form in both places provided (field 37 AND in the signature box at the bottom of the fourth page)


PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS: Two recent passport-size, colour photo with white background, all the facial features clearly visible, facial coverage 70-80 per cent. Full face non-smiling (without sunglasses or normal glasses, a hat/cap or other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background). Passport size photograph 3.5cm x 4.5cm, should be taken within one month of application. Please do not affix passport photos to the Schengen application form with staples or glue.


EMPLOYER REF LETTER: Original and less than 1 month old from the date of applying. Letters must be dated on & should be on the original pre-printed letterhead of the company, Addressed to Switzerland Consulate, Visa Officer, United Kingdom, stating your Name, Your Position, the date of joining the company in UK (it should also mention the annual salary in GBP if the person has recently joined the company & unable to submit the last 3 months UK payslips or allowance slips). If your company does not provide payslips or allowance slips than it has to be clarified the reason why you do not receive the same in the employers reference letter (Please note contract letter, offer letter, terms and condition letter, Appointment letter, Deputation Letter are not accepted by the consulate).


Please note: The letter cannot be p.p. signed (on someone else’s behalf) and the signature cannot be digital, scanned or photocopied; it should mention that the same letter is electronically generated and does not require an original signature. 


SELF-EMPLYED REF LETTER: A letter from your accountant Addressed to Switzerland (Suisse) Consulate, Visa Officer, United Kingdom, confirming your self-employment status, the exact date of incorporation of the company, percentage of share holding and yearly / monthly income should be stated on an original accountant’s letterhead. Consulate will also require the certificate of Incorporation, VAT certificate issued by HMRC, 3 months Business account, and 3 months Current account bank statements.


PAYSLIPS / ALLOWANCE SLIPS: Most recent 3 months payslips OR allowance slips which you receive in UK & must be in GBP only, internet print out is also valid in certain cases but please make sure that your net pay must appear on the print-out. (If your net pay is £0.00 for any of the month which you submit you need to clarify on your employer’s reference letter & state the reason).


Please Note: Only GBP payslips are accepted by the consulate.


BANK STATEMENT: Recent three months original & till dated online bank statement (Should state A/c. holder’s name, sort-code & account number on any internet banking printout) with minimum balance of £400 per passenger (£60 per person per day if the trip is for more than 3 days), if the applicant wants to submit Euro Travellers’ cheques, consulate will still require current account bank statements with UK address. Saving accounts bank statements are accepted only if your salary is credited into the account. The last bank transaction represented on your bank statement must not be later than 7 days from date of submission.


TRAVEL INSURANCE: Consulate will only accept travel insurance issued in UK. The travel insurance must clearly state all the travelling passengers’ names on the policy. The area of validity must clearly cover the Europe or Worldwide, Coverage of at least EUR 30,000 for emergency medical & repatriation. Please note that insurance quotations are not acceptable as a proof of insurance. If your travel insurance is held through your bank, you must provide official proof in the form of a recent letter (no more than one month old). If your insurance is held through your company, you must provide a letter confirming the policy held and a copy of the relevant pages from the policy document but please make sure that it should not be business travel insurance.


Fully Paid Hotel & Return Transportation: Consulate will require fully paid invoice for accommodation and return transportation.


SCHOOL/ UNIVERSITY LETTER: Letter from educational institution should be original & on the College / University / School Letterhead. Letter must be addressed to Switzerland (Suisse) Consulate, Visa Officer, United Kingdom. Your letter must be dated within one month of applying for your Schengen visa, stating student name, course commencement date & the length of the course (e.g. start date & end date) It is also advisable to put your attendance % on the letter.


Please Note: If you are travelling during the term period than you will need to mention that your college are aware of your trip.


 (Any scanned / fax copy for this letters are not accepted by the consulate).


MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: Consulate will require original marriage certificate issued in English, if the marriage certificate is issued in the native language. The marriage certificate should be translated into English by a certified translator in the UK. If either spouse’s name is not mentioned as per passport, consulate will require self declaration affidavit stamped by notary public solicitor from UK only. Church marriage certificate are not accepted by the consulate.


Note: If applying Schengen visa as spouse of EU national, your marriage certificate has to be stamped by ministry of external affairs or national Embassy.  


BIRTH CERTIFICATE: If minor (under 18): Original Full Birth Certificate, stating both parents’ names, child’s name, date of birth, and with the registrar stamp. If the child’s name is not mentioned on the birth certificate or the child’s name is not spelt correctly. Consulate will require affidavit stamped by notary public solicitor in UK. If the birth certificate is in native language, consulate will require birth certificate to be translated in English by notary public solicitor in UK only.


Consent Letter: A consent letter signed by both parents’ is mandatory document required by the consulate. Regardless if the child is travelling with both parents’ or one parent, or even if the child is travelling with grandparents. If the child’s parents are divorced, parent with legal custody of the child should provide original court legal custody papers along with original consent letter.


PENSION LETTER: If you are retired and receiving benefits, recent original letter must be obtained from local jobcentre or DWP.


Sponsorship Letter: The main applicant has to provide the letter addressed to Switzerand (Suisse) Consulate, Visa Officer, United Kingdom. Letter stating he/she will be travelling together and will cover all the expenses throughout the trip, and also cover medical and reparation expenses. Letter should be dated, and signed by the main applicant. (The letter should be generated for dependant spouse un-employed travelling together or if dependant child travelling together.)


Schengen Visa Prices


Short stay tourist Schengen visa fees as applicable, if travelling with Star Tours LTD.


Visa Fees:

Applicable service fees

Adult fees GBP

Child (6-11 Yrs) GBP

Child (0-5 Yrs) GBP

British/EU Dependent fees GBP

Travelling with Star Tours LTD






Not Travelling with Star Tours LTD







Consultation Fees:

Applicable service fees

Adult fees GBP

Child (6-11 Yrs) GBP

Child (0-5 Yrs) GBP

Travelling with Star Tours LTD




Not Travelling with Star Tours LTD





Sending & Receiving Visa Documents


There are 2 ways in which you can send us your passport(s) and documents; you can either provide it to us in person by visiting us or sending it by post. If you are sending by post we highly recommend using Royal Mails Special Delivery which guarantee’s next day delivery or any other courier service such as DHL / UPS / Parcel Force.


If you want Star tours to post your documents by Royal Mail Special delivery then there will be an additional cost of £7 per family. (maximum 5 passports and must be at the same address)



Please Note: If any of the above mentioned information is not clear or you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to email us your query on (you can also give us a call on our 24 Hours Helpline No.0208 900 2323)



For more information contact your travel consultant on +44 (0) 208 900 2323

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